Duro-Last®: The Sustainable Choice For Your Facility.

In these days of everything being promoted as "green," often without much substance behind the claims, we at Duro-Last® want to get back to basics - at least with respect to roofing systems.

For us, "white" refers to the bright white Cool Zone® roofing membrane. It has an initial reflectivity of 87.5%, based on ENERGY STAR testing procedures. Reflectivity is the percentage of the sun's energy that is reflected by a surface. Another important measurement of membrane performance is emittance - the percentage of absorbed energy that a material can radiate away. The Cool Zone system's total emittance is measured at 95%.

These attributes have given the Cool Zone system an established history of providing energy-saving benefits for commercial, institutional and industrial buildings throughout North America. The resulting energy savings and positive effect on the urban heat island are just the beginning of our green story.

We're committed to being the industry leader when it comes to producing environmentally-friendly roofing systems. Learn more about how the white Cool Zone PVG membrane is the best green choice for your facility in many ways, proving Duro-Last's leadership on the sustainable buildings front.